Mar 14

Apply the same filter to many senders in Gmail

You can create a filter that applies to many senders in Gmail. This could be done using the curly braces {}. For example, to filter the emails that are coming from the same company, create a filter and fill in the following: {}@companyname.com in the From input box.

Jul 13

Configuring Vyatta Router

After working long hours with Vyatta router and XCP (Xen Cloud Platform), I just discovered that I lost all my work after booting my virtual machines the next day! All the configuration are gone: Vyatta forgot the configuration :(. Vyatta is a very powerful Network OS, so let’s not blame it this time. The problem is I simply forgot to use the save command to save the configurations so that they will be reused at boot time. After using commit command, you should execute save config.boot to save your settings on the hard disk.


Nov 12

How to Create thumbnails or Resize Images on the Fly in PHP

You can simply use PHP GD library but if you are looking for a full featured library, PHP Thumb is what you need. You can generate thumbnails or even manipulate images on the fly. PHP Thumb is a light-weight library and requires PHP 5 and GD 2.0+. CPU utilization and bandwidth are among the things to be considered before using this library. Most of the popular web hosting providers provide a shared hosting service in which they impose CPU throttling. In such service, the usage of CPU is limited and each customer is allowed to use a certain CPU percentage ranging from 10%  to 15%.

If you are planning to generate thumbnails of images that change often and you do not worry about your website’s bandwidth and CPU limit. However, you still can generate such thumbnails in your local test environment and save them to disk and later use them as fixed images.

Nov 12


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